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Top 5 Must Have Luxury Design Products

Enhance the style, and functionality, of your dream home with the latest innovation in home design. These top 5 products are currently igniting the passion of luxury home designers, everywhere.

Custom designed integrated systems
These intricate systems use the latest technology to combine custom combinations for lighting, security, Wi-Fi and entertainment systems, in a home based on patterns of use. Each system is activated with the simple touch of one button. The settings are 100% designed, and programmed, to meet your every desire. Yes, please!

Outdoor spa showers
Feel like you live in a tropical rain forest paradise, everyday, with a private outdoor spa shower. Enjoy warm summer breeze as you shower, in complete luxury, under the open skies. Installing exotic lighting patterns and tropical landscaping will complete the experience.

Hidden wall mounted TV’s
Hidden wall mounted, high end, TV installation is the latest in luxury entertainment. A high end TV is carefully hidden behind a piece of art, a mirror or a closet. Keeping the TV hidden will ensure the screen is only visible when being watched. Rooms are no longer consumed with the TV screen, but rather, a gorgeous piece of art or custom designed closet.

Cooling kitchen drawers
Fridges are great, but cooling drawers are better! Install the latest in cooling technology – drawers that have a variety of compartments with individual cooling settings. Not all products require the same cooling temperatures, therefore, using cooling drawers allows you to customize individual compartments, for individual products.

Heated floors
If you are looking to increase your luxury living experience install heated floors in all bathrooms and bedroom. Waking up in the cold winter months to heated marble, or stone, floors will quickly become your new favourite thing. Don’t forget about the exterior – install a heated driveway for the full experience.

Combined water and fire feature piece
Fountains were used to symbolize wealth, and still are, however a new product is stealing the hearts of designers this season. A combined fountain and fire feature is the latest focal point of luxury landscaping design. Enjoy the fountain by day and the fountain/fire display at night. This is the perfect finishing feature for lavish landscaped backyards.

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