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Top 5 Must Have Luxury Design Products

Enhance the style, and functionality, of your dream home with the latest innovation in home design. These top 5 products are currently igniting the passion of luxury home designers, everywhere. Custom designed integrated systems These intricate systems…

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Landlords, Tenants and Governments – Oh my!

Landlord and Tenant agreements can be difficult to understand – that is where I come in. Using an experienced agent, like myself, I will help you navigate the world of investment properties and tenant agreements. Recently, newly…

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Which Colour Aligns with Your Personality?

When the season changes to Spring, and we start to shed the layers of winter, the urge arises to paint the world with gorgeous colour once again. The sunlight streaming in the windows inspires the mind to…

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Navigating Flooring in 2017 – where to start?

This year home fashion is all about bold and grand design.  When it comes to preferred flooring, hardwood is rising to the top of the list as hardwood flooring will achieve a bold look and yet will…

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