D’zigned to Sell Program

What is the D’ZIGNED TO SELL programme?

Statistics have shown that homes that are D’zigned to Sell will sell 49% faster than the average home on the market for 7% – 11% more money, when priced at fair market value.

The exclusive D’zigned to Sell Program is a step-by-step process implemented by a professional interior designer and an experienced realtor to help homeowner’s speed up the sale of their home and net an optimum price.

The first step is to determine the property value “as is.”

Step two involves a meeting of the homeowner and our D’zigned to Sell experts. As a team, we will COLLABARATE, and CREATE a customized plan addressing optimal space-planning layouts, colour schemes, lighting and all the razzle-dazzle that gets a potential buyer excited to say, “I HAVE to have this home!”

In the third step, our team implements this personalized marketing plan to design and showcase the unique selling features of the home.

Fourth step is to negotiate offers, keeping you in the know-how through every step of the process, so that you can make a well-informed decision when signing on the dotted line.

The last and most important step is placing the SOLD sign on the lawn.

Do contact us to learn more about the D’zigned to Sell programme & see how our recent clients have benefitted from it & what they have to say.

Get Top Value for Your Home

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